Newsletter 4, 2014/04/30

Introducing FORESTERRA

Dehesa sylvopastoral ecosystem

Red Deer in the Dehesa sylvopastoral ecosystem in the Cabañeros National Park in Spain

FORESTERRA is an ERA-NET Project within the EU's 7th Framework Programme, with a duration of four years and a budget of almost two million Euros. FORESTERRA's objective is to improve the coordination and cooperation in Mediterranean forest research among different entities from Europe and North Africa and to open possibilities for greater scientific cooperation with other Mediterranean Climate Areas.

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In Memoriam. Jean-Charles Valette

Jean-Charles Valette

Jean-Charles passed away suddenly on the 3rd of April at the age of 66. Jean-Charles Valette was a Forestry Engineer. He was recruited in 1973 by the INRA research centre of Avignon. He led his entire career on the theme of Forest Fire Prevention and he became over time one of the most renown international scientific leaders in the field. After three years spent in the experimental unit of Bormes les Mimosas, he joined the forest research unit in Avignon where he developed his research and development activities as the leader of the fire prevention team. His specific contribution to the scientific investigation of wildfires focused on fuel characteristics and flammability, fire behaviour and fire ecology.
By the end of the 1990s, Jean-Charles Valette has structured the French research in the field of fire sciences, at the request of the French Ministry of Agriculture, through the coordination of a group of French research organizations involved in wildfire science.

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FORESTERRA call for proposals. Summary of results for the 1st stage (Collaborative Projects and Networking Actions)

FORESTERRA has launched on 4 November 2013 a transnational joint call for project proposals based on funds from participating countries. Thanks to the agreement of the partners on common prioritized research topics for Mediterranean forest areas, the network will enable a better use of research funding whereas the human resources as well as research facilities will be complementary and more effectively utilized in order to reduce the high fragmentation of Mediterranean forest research and to maximize its impacts.

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Results of the FORESTERRA Networking Workshop Marseille
France, 12-13 December 2013

marseille group

As announced in our previous Newsletter A FORESTERRA Networking Workshop took place in Marseille, France, on 12 - 13 December.
A press release was published after the Workshop informing on the high participation and on its relevant output. A press release was published after the Workshop informing on the high participation and on its relevant output. As a result of the workshop a webpage about the event is available with the programme and the presentations from participants and keynotes to download.

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More news:

Acorn is a basic feed in the Dehesa ecosystem

Acorn is a basic feed for livestock in the Dehesa ecosystem

FORESTERRA Workshop in Sofia (Bulgaria) 27-28 May 2014

FORESTERRA organises a workshop to disseminate FORESTERRA results to non-partner countries (Middle East and Balkan countries). The Workshop will aim at exploring the possibilities of strengthening the cooperation with different stakeholders from potential new countries – researchers, funding agencies and also to explore possibilities for participation by partners from new countries in the joint activities.

A delegation of FORESTERRA
has travelled to Australia on
17 – 25 February 2014

A delegation of FORESTERRA has travelled to Australia from February 17 to 25 2014 in order to enhance collaboration and strengthen research activities by promoting joint scientific research in forestry, visiting funding agencies, regulators, centres of excellence, universities and industry in Mediterranean climate forest research in Canberra, Melbourne, Mount Gambier and Perth.

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