Newsletter 6, 2015/04/30

Introducing FORESTERRA

Mixed forest

FORESTERRA is an ERA-NET Project within the EU's 7th Framework Programme, with a duration of four years and a budget of almost two million Euros. FORESTERRA's objective is to improve the coordination and cooperation in Mediterranean forest research among different entities from Europe and North Africa and to open possibilities for greater scientific cooperation with other Mediterranean Climate Areas.

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FORESTERRA Final Conference. "Key questions on future research on Mediterranean Forest"
Lisbon, Portugal, 24-26 November 2015


FORESTERRA organises its final Conference with the objectives to disseminate FORESTERRA’s results and achievements, and to become a forum on perspectives and challenges for the Mediterranean Forest Industry and Research.

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INFORMED Collaborative Project Kick-off Meeting. Barcelona 9-11 March 2015


INFORMED is a Collaborative Project funded by the FORESTERRA Call launched in November 2013. Its scientific objectives are to fill-in knowledge gaps on the basic mechanisms that determine the flexibility of the social-ecological system in response to disturbance; to integrate knowledge by combining different process-based models at various spatial and temporal scales and to use integrated knowledge to develop management strategies as well as policy and governance guidelines to foster forest system resilience...

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SUMFOREST Workshop: Transnational research needs and sharing of research capacities. 6 May 2015, IBL Forest Research Institute, Sekocin /Warsaw, Poland

The aim of this transnational ERA-NET ( is reinforcing scientific cooperation on European forests, which will also build new cooperation arrangements with EU neighbourhood regions, aiming at a reduced fragmentation and maximised impact of research activities on sustainable forest management and multifunctional forestry.The ERA-NET SUMFOREST. SUMFOREST has organised this Workshop on "Transnational research needs and sharing of research capacities" with the aim of identifying priorities for transnational research needs and requirements for sharing of research capacities.

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2nd Meeting of the MedWildFireLab Consortium. Athens, Greece, 13-15th May 2015

The first general six - monthly meeting of the MEDWILDFIRELAB project, being the second project meeting after the inaugural one, will be held in Athens, Greece on May 15th, 2015

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EU Publications

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- European forests
- Environmental functions of forests
- Economic value of forests
- Social benefits of forests

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