Organization (acronym): GIP ECOFOR

Country: France

Role of the organization in FORESTERRA: Third party of MAAF. Support to MAAF



ECOFOR is a French public body and a federative platform in charge of research coordination in the field of forest ecosystems at the national level. ECOFOR is composed of scientific, statistical, professional and administrative organisations, including all major French research institutes dealing with forests and the ministries in charge of agriculture, sustainable development and research. ECOFOR manages research programmes and panel studies on biodiversity and functioning of forest ecosystems, risks and climate change, sustainable management of forest ecosystem services. It covers both temperate and tropical environments, with a cross-cutting activity on information systems for knowledge and management. As a French body, ECOFOR has many activities in France but also worldwide and especially at the European level.

Generally, ECOFOR supports research programmes in link with French research agencies and particularly: (i) Long-term Experiments on Forest Ecosystem Functioning with the Ministry of Research, (ii) Biodiversity, Forest Management and Public Policies, with the Ministry in charge of Sustainable Development, (iii), Management and Impacts of Climate Change, with the Ministry in charge of Sustainable Development, (iv) Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management, with the Ministries in charge of Agriculture and Sustainable Development, (v) Management of vegetation in South Countries, with, inter alia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In all these programmes, ECOFOR is particularly concerned by the definition of research strategy, the coordination of research works to fulfil this strategy, and the science/policy interface with dissemination of excellence by all means (workshops, conferences, books, papers, slideshows, films...).

Key personnel:

Jean-Luc PEYRON, peyron

Jean-Luc PEYRON, peyron(at)