Organization (acronym): Executive Forest Agency

Country: Bulgaria

Role of the organization in FORESTERRA: Project partner 12

Webpage: http://www.iag.bg/


The Executive Forest Agency is responsible for the control on implementation of sustainable forest management in all types of forests in the Republic of Bulgaria.
Executive Forest Agency is responsible for elaboration and controls the implementation of forest management plans regulating the following activities:

  • -  Regeneration of forests, afforestation, anti-erosion activities, thinning.
  • -  Protection of biodiversity and insurance of ecosystem services from forests.
  • -  Protection of forests from pests and diseases.
  • -  Sylvicultural activities.
  • -  Utilization of timber and non-timber forest resources.

Key personnel:

Mrs. Valentina Marinova
General Secretary of Executive Forest Agency
Leader of the Project team

Mrs. Denitsa Pandeva
Head, Department International Activities
Contact point of the Project