Organization (acronym): EFI

Country: International

Role of the organization in FORESTERRA: Secretariat. Partner nº 6. Leader of WP 3.

Webpage: http://www.efi.int


The European Forest Institute (EFI) is an international research organization aiming to promote the conservation and sustainable management of European forests and to address policy-relevant needs relating to forests and their governance. Its headquarters are in Joensuu, Finland, with several regional offices in different locations in Europe. The Mediterranean regional office (EFIMED), based in Barcelona, Spain, and consisting of a network of over 40 institutions in 18 Mediterranean countries, is responsible for conducting and promoting research and networking on forests, forestry and forestry products in the Mediterranean region.

EFIMED has extensive experience in International project management, coordination and in facilitating processes. EFIMED has coordinated the following major Mediterranean forest initiatives and projects: The Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda 2010-2020, FORVALUE (Valuing and compensating forest non-market goods and services) under DG AGRI, and MASSIF (on Socio-economic impacts of forest fires), within a Joint Research Center grant. Ongoing FP7 projects include AGORA (Advancing Mediterranean Forest Research Capacities), NEWFOREX (New ways to value and market forest externalities), CREEA (Compiling and refining environmental and economic accounts) and STAR TREE (Multipurpose trees and non-wood forest products, a challenge and opportunity).

In addition, EFIMED is responsible for research networking and coordinating Mediterranean-scale strategic research studies, such as the collective scientific assessments on “Living with the risk of wild fires: what science can tell us” or the one on or the “Water for forests and people in the Mediterranean region: a challenging balance”.

EFIMED has the international experience and human capacities to undertake the tasks of the Secretariat of FORESTERRA as well as coordinating the strategic activities under WP3.

Key personnel:

Marc Palahi

Inazio Martinez de Arano – Head of Office


Victoria Sanz – Project Manager

Saraadams tunisia

Sarah Adams – Communication Officer