Organization (acronym): IAMZ-CIHEAM

Country: International

Role of the organization in FORESTERRA: Leader of WP7

Webpage: http://www.iamz.ciheam.org/


The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute (MAI) of Zaragoza (Spain) belongs to The International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), an international intergovernmental organization aiming to develop cooperation between Mediterranean countries through postgraduate training and promotion of cooperative research in the field of agriculture and natural resources.

CIHEAM has four MAIs: Montpellier (France), Bari (Italy), Chania (Island of Crete, Greece), and Zaragoza (Spain). CIHEAM General Secretariat is located in Paris (France).

The experience of IAMZ in the field of international cooperation research is remarkable, since it has coordinated 16 international projects funded by the European Commission, and has led activities -specially in training and dissemination- in another six projects. IAMZ is also the coordinator of cooperative research networks, three of them in cooperation with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), about relevant aspects of Mediterranean agriculture and livestock.

Currently IAMZ is the coordinator of the ongoing CREAM (Coordinating research in support to application of ecosystem approach to fisheries and management advice in the Mediterranean and Black seas) project, and participant in other two (apart from FORESTERRA): the FUME project (Forest fire under climate, social and economic changes) and DEWFORA (improved drought early warning and forecasting strengthen preparedness and adaptation to droughts in Africa).

Key personnel:

Dunixi Gabiña - Steering Committee and Management Committee member.
Antonio López-Francos - Management Committee member.