Organization (acronym): IRESA

Country: Tunisia

Role of the organization in FORESTERRA: Partner



“The institution for Agricultural Research and Higher Education”, was established in 1990, it is a public administrative institution with the civil personality and financial autonomy. It was set up by virtue of law 90-72, and comes under “The Ministry of Agriculture”.

The Institution for Agricultural Research and Higher Education IRESA is in charge of:

  • Promoting agricultural research in Tunisia through the coordination of research (6 Research Institutes, 4 regional centres and 2 regional branches and more than 20 experimental stations) and higher education (11 institutions) in this field.
  • Disseminating agricultural knowledge.
  • Setting, funding and monitoring national research programmes.
  • Promoting cooperation between Tunisian and foreign researchers.
  • Coordinating and evaluating of the national programmes.

The main objectives are covering natural resources management, plant and animal science, emerging diseases, sustainability of agricultural production, food security and food safety, horticulture, aquaculture and fisheries. IRESA is currently running 29 laboratories and 10 research units, gathering more than 300 researchers and 420 scientists and 1100 students (MSc and PhD).

IRESA has put a special emphasis on dissemination of information and knowledge through ICT.

The Institution for Agricultural Research and Higher Education (IRESA) is in close cooperation with the European Union, participating in a lot of specific research programmes in the fields of natural resources (water, forestry), Animal health, cereals, arboriculture and biotechnology. The Institution cooperates with research establishments in Europe (INRA, CIRAD, CEMAGREF,…) and other parts of the world, and with international and regional organizations such as (FAO, IAEA, ICARDA, IPGRI, CIHEAM, ACSAD,…).

The institution is partner in several European projects such as:

  • -  ETC project (
  • -  ARIMNet project (

Key personnel:

Aniss Ben Rayana

Aniss Ben Rayana

Darghouth Mohamed Aziz

Darghouth Mohamed Aziz

Hamed Daly

Hamed Daly