2nd Meeting of the MedWildFireLab Consortium
Athens, Greece, 13-15th May 2015

The 2nd Meeting of the MedWildFireLab project "Global Change Impacts on Wildland Fire Behaviour and Uses in Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems, towards a «wall less» Mediterranean Wildland Fire Laboratory" (FORESTERRA ERA-NET funding) will be held at the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems (IMFE), in Athens, Greece, from 13rd to 15th of May of 2015.

The meeting will be preceded by a field trip to the southeast of Athens on May 13th for the MEDWILDFIRELAB members. During this trip they will visit forest areas that have burned in the last few years. Many of them are characterized as "Wildland-Urban Interface ". The trip will end at the ancient temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio, at the southern tip of the Attica Peninsula.

Also, on May 14th, a workshop on "Current and Future Training on Wildland Fire Management"will be carried out in the frame of MEDWILDFIRELAB project.

On May 15th the MedWildFireLab Consortium will have their "Internal Meeting" to discuss the future steps on the Project.

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