Newsletter 7, November 2015

Introducing FORESTERRA

Mixed forest

FORESTERRA is an ERA-NET Project within the EU's 7th Framework Programme, with a duration of four years and a budget of almost two million Euros. FORESTERRA's objective is to improve the coordination and cooperation in Mediterranean forest research among different entities from Europe and North Africa and to open possibilities for greater scientific cooperation with other Mediterranean Climate Areas.

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FORESTERRA: Achievements and future

FORESTERRA has been a key project for reinforcing scientific cooperation on Mediterranean forests through a transnational Mediterranean ERA-Net, and was also able to build a new and strong transcontinental cooperation among Mediterranean Climate Areas

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FORESTERRA FINAL CONFERENCE. Lisbon, Portugal, 24 - 26 November 2015

FORESTERRA Final Conference

FORESTERRA has organised its final Conference with the objectives to disseminate FORESTERRA’s results and achievements, and to become a forum on perspectives and challenges for the Mediterranean Forest Industry and Research.

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With the objective to integrate the outcomes of FORESTERRA strategic plan regarding emerging priorities in Mediterranean forest research and avoid overlaps, a Joint Plan of Activities has been endorsed by both ERA-NETs..

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